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from February 16 to March 17 2018

Exhibition by Philippe Fretz FOREVER YOUNG

Opening on Friday February 16th from 5 pm to 7 pm

Good news from elementary particles

Young's slits refer to an experiment in physics, first performed by Thomas Young in 1801, of passing photons through two small holes in an opaque plan. On a screen disposed opposite, there is then a pattern of interference fringes specific to the superposition of waves.

The experiment highlights the dual nature - particle/wave - of light. It was later refined by quantum physics. Indeed, the same patterns of interference are observed when one makes the experiment by passing electrons of any material through a similar device, and this even if they are projected one by one. The matter, in its fundamental structure, resists the fragmentation and representation of a modelizable world peculiar to scientific concepts and tools.  

In other words, reality is composed of a fabric of relationships that surpasses in beauty and complexity our effort to measure it. The repercussions of such a conclusion are so beautiful that I welcome this experience as good news of elementary particles.


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