Delphine Costier

Published : 2018-10-08 17:07:19 - Categories : Artists

Born in Lausanne in 1977, Delphine Costier lives and works in Yverdon-les Bains. After a diploma at ECAV (Cantonal School of Art of Valais), she went to discover China for a first research trip before settling in England. She graduated as an Interior Architect at the University of Plymouth and worked on a first series of works devoted to the landscape and the horizon.

The artist's questions concern the relation between the Man and the Environment. This theme, omnipresent in the work of Delphine Costier, would it be a desire to reconnect human beings with their original source? Thus, "Nature humaine" is based on the nature of man and the way he evolves in his natural environment.

Delphine Costier

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