Omar Ba

Published : 2018-12-05 16:48:43 - Categories : Artists

Born in Senegal in 1977, Omar Ba lives and works between Dakar and Geneva. He followed the teaching of the National School of Fine Arts in Dakar where he graduated in 2002. Practicing drawing and painting, he decided to settle in Switzerland to complete his training. In 2005, he obtained a postgraduate degree at the HEAD (University of Art and Design) in Geneva and in 2011, a Master Arts in Public Sphere at the ECAV (Cantonal School of Art of Valais) of Sierre. He was awarded a Swiss Art Award in 2011.

His paintings, made using various techniques and materials, represent political and social motives with multiple interpretations. Since his arrival in Geneva, he has abandoned abstract painting to devote himself to a more figurative and narrative painting. It is inspired by African culture as well as issues related to power and authority.

Omar Ba

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