Thierry Feuz

Published : 2018-08-16 16:59:11 - Categories : Artists

Thierry Feuz was born in 1968 in Vienna, Austria. In 2003, he graduated from ESBA Geneva (currently HEAD) after studying art history at the University of Neuchâtel. He lives and works in Geneva and Vienna. He relentlessly experimented with various materials such as acrylic and lacquer, creating a semi-abstract world.

In recent years, he has created series of paintings "Supernatural", "Psychotropical", "Technicolor" or "Gulfstream". Each series shares a fundamental characteristic: each one appears to "increase" the image of the previous one, as if it were seen through a microscope.

He uses this scientific result to re-examine classical conceptions of nature, a force that is both beautiful and ephemeral. By combining abstraction and figuration, he expresses this deteriorating materiality and allows him to explore the transformations of instability. He also uses perspective to reposition his point of view and thus detach matter from his usual environment.

Thierry Feuz

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