The Club d'Art Contemporain is a place where contemporary art can be approached in a simple and friendly way. It is a space of exhibition, meeting, sharing and dialogue, open to all, from the neophyte to the art lover of any age.

The gallery allows everyone to live a privileged and playful moment around questions from the different artistic worlds of artists and to discover the stakes of today's artistic creation.

The programming and reservations of the Club d'Art Contemporain can be found directly on the website.
- Quality exhibitions, allowing affordable prices to make art accessible to all.
- One-off projects, in the form of performances, screenings, conferences, round tables and various interventions, to discover artists and their works differently.

The Club also offers the opportunity for those who wish to be invited to events specifically and solely created for members, in addition to other benefits.

The Club d'Art Contemporain is aimed primarily at the general public but it also offers solutions to companies and private groups wishing to meet friends or colleagues, whether for a cocktail dinner, a special artistic intervention or a event to celebrate, tailor-made offers are possible.

Choose, book and come express yourself!

"Art is the shortest way from man to man."
André Malraux