Anne Peverelli

Published : 2018-03-06 17:27:17 - Categories : Artists

Anne Peverelli, born in 1963, lives and works in Lausanne. She obtained her Bachelor degree at L'ECAL (Cantonal School of Art of Lausanne) in 1987 and a Master of Art in Public Sphere at the ECAV (Cantonal School of Art of Valais) in 2017. Laureate of several distinctions (Swiss Institute from Rome, Manor-Vaud Prize, ...), she exhibits regularly in various spaces and her works are also in public collections of several museums.

The intervention of the drawing is constant in her works of experimentations with the point and the line in all her projections, which continually finds new proposals. Her themes are abstract, favoring sensual approaches and poetic strolls.

Anne Peverelli

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