Silvana Solivella

Published : 2018-01-12 16:49:27 - Categories : Artists

Silvana Solivella was born in 1964 in Geneva, she graduated in 1989 with a degree in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts in San Carlos de Valencia, Spain. She has also received training in engraving and restoration of works of art. Based in Lausanne since the 1990s, its existence is punctuated by a thousand round trips between Spain and Switzerland, lived split or alternate reflecting naturally the look on the issues of provenance and belonging.

Her works have their source in the poetry of nature, the whole being inhabited by the question of imprint, and by the processes of appearance and disappearance of the image, they have an immersive dimension, composed of recurring patterns (stones, pebbles, plant motifs, water currents) in a search on the landscape but also on the very nature of painting and color. She works on the theme of memory, trace and forgetfulness while evoking the sea, landscape of her childhood.

With numerous solo exhibitions, Silvana Solivella has also been invited to take part in group exhibitions in museums and foundations in Switzerland and abroad. Her work is part of public and private collections and has won prestigious awards, including the Alice Bailly Scholarship and the Irène Reymond Scholarship.

Silvana Solivella

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