Raoul Pictor

Published : 2018-02-24 17:28:20 - Categories : Artists

Raoul Pictor was born with the imagination of Hervé Graumann in 1993. Born in 1963 in Geneva, he is one of the pioneers of digital art in Switzerland. He graduated in 1989 from the School of Fine Arts or HEAD (High School of Art and Design). His installation "Raoul Pictor seeks his style ...", created in 1993, is distinguished by its use of computer, staging a fictional artist in a virtual world. This fictional artist creates a unique work, randomly generated by a program from several possibilities of colors and patterns.

He also revived this work by adapting it to the current technologies of the iPhone, asking Matthieu Cherubini to develop for him the application "Raoul Pictor Mega Painter" which takes the codes of the artist's studio creating for us perpetually of new artworks, becoming the most prolific artist of contemporary art.

Currently he teaches at the HEAD (University of Art and Design) in Geneva in the Visual Arts option Action / Interaction department.


Raoul Pictor

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