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from October 12 to November 17, 2018

Exhibition of Cedric Bregnard

Opening October 12 from 5 pm to 7 pm

The project "Racines du ciel" is a work with which Cedric Bregnard walks since his retrospective exhibition i-Grow in Japan in 2010: millennium trees seized throughout the world by the eye of the photographer and whose imprint of a past moment revives today by the vibration of the brushstrokes. This exhibition presents a chapter in a story that recounts the quest that has brought him to the four corners of the world to meet these ancient trees. The Performances of this project aim at making monumental drawings in Chinese ink, by hundreds of participants of all ages.

" Received in 1994 at the School of Photography of Vevey with yet a portfolio of drawings, the photographer Cedric Bregnard has returned to the practice of the line recently in favor of large formats made in Chinese ink. However, photography remains present, actively participating in the process of his creations, but it is no longer the finished object of his work. From now on, the artist tries to render the totemic grandeur of his subjects by the black line, supple and vibrant on kraft paper. "

Karine Tissot, art historian, headmistress of CACY (Contemporary Art Center of Yverdon-les-Bains) - July 2017

" ...each performance creates the possibility of a new collective and ex nihilo. This results in a quality of vibrations, which depends on the consciousness, the encounters and the intentions that are lived within the moment. [...] the artist takes a picture of the great achievement, the image then returns to the image, a facsimile testimony of the past moment. "

Florence Grivel, art historian

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