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"Inner neighborhoods"

From August 30 to October 5, 2019

Opening Friday, August 30 from 17h to 19h.

Exhibition by Barbara Cardinale

The two series of the artist presented during this exhibition are:

- The Urban Gifts are a series of drawings representing chimeras that have been transformed into a workshop by the image transfer method and enhanced with graphite pencils, among others. These drawings were subsequently displayed in the streets of Lausanne and Sierre and subjected to the eyes of passersby, but also to meteorological constraints and interactions (graffiti artists, ...). Each poster is photographed, dated and indexed, then, sometimes, if it is lost in its urban context, is removed to be presented, this time, in an exhibition context. Give Urbain to Editions de l'Éclosoir in Thonon-les-Bains, limited to two copies. There is a series of self-explanatory illustrations, photographs and texts that tell the story of adventures, doubts and illusions that are interpreted realistically.

- The Bodies-Landscapes are a series of drawings made with the transfer and raised with colored pencils. The silhouette of the artist is a world of discovery It is not a landscape but interior worlds. Constant dialogue between an interiority and an externality, posture and landscape tell a sensitive and intimate story. Allegory of the human complexity, reflection of states of mind, these drawings invite to the intra-evasion beyond the body.

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