Cedric Bregnard

Published : 2018-11-15 16:45:35 - Categories : Artists

Born in 1974, Cedric Bregnard lives and works in Switzerland. For more than 15 years, he has been interested in metamorphoses and their singular beauty. He graduated in 1998 at the Vevey School of Photography. His graduation work will be done in Rive-Neuve, a palliative care home in Blonay.

Through a photographic series of portraits of deceased persons entitled "Passage", he seeks to grasp the transition between life and death. He also produced several photographic series on the growth and cycles of plants from their seeds, focusing on the similarity between human cycles and those of nature. Since then, he continues to explore the very essence of life in this plant universe, looking for traces insignificant to our eyes who, accustomed to the race for progress, do not see beyond appearances.


Cedric Bregnard

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