Library-round-table discussion with Gilles Porret

tuesday 23 January

6 pm-7 pm

price 30.-  

Tisch A library-Round-Table discussion

Tisch is a library, an in-situ work, installed at the Club of Contemporary Art and consisting essentially of an artist's monograph. It offers a wide variety of worlds on today's artistic creation.
It will become punctually interactive but without screens, we can exchange and share points of view. Everyone will have the opportunity to make speeches, comment on artists, things and ideas while wondering about the contemporary art worlds.
The Tisch Library is set up to float in the Contemporary Art Club space to create a feeling of light magic.
Thus, Tisch will open spaces for the public to imagine and meet art with the artist Gilles Porret.

* Tisch German word "table" is a loan to Latin discus, disc, tray.