saturday May 5th

4 pm - 7 pm

free entry

Saturday, May 5 from 4 pm to 7 pm
For members from 3.30 pm  

Distribution of balloons, cotton candy, popcorn, sparkling drink with music and the presence of artists, will be there.


The CdAC is pleased to invite you to the "Goûter d'art",

a collective exhibition that will awaken your eyes.
About fifteen artists offer works of small sizes such as artistic appetizers with multiple flavors and low prices. A visual delight in a friendly and refined atmosphere.


Omar Ba
Thierry Feuz
Philippe Fretz
Guy Limone
Elisabeth Llach
Romain Mader
Raoul Marek
Naomi Middelmann
Manuel Müller
Carmen Perrin
Raoul Pictor
Gilles Porret
Jie Qiu
Camille Scherrer
Silvana Solivella