from August 31 to October 6, 2018.

Tuesday to Friday from 1.30 pm to 6 pm
Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00
or on appointment

The Club of Contemporary Art presents an exhibition of Naomi Middelmann LINEAR NARRATIVES

For the "Linear narratives" exhibition at the CdAC, Naomi Middelmann introduces us to a new collection of works around the theme of memory and the story that human beings make of it. The artist's questions lead her to highlight the different moments of our life. A new way to create a narrative line that varies depending on the context. Through this series, the artist has chosen to explore the material in all its fragility, transparency and lightness.

Naomi Middelmann is interested in exploring and exploiting traditional / non-traditional artistic materials and techniques, in a desire to experiment with their possibilities to use and reuse elements of her environment. It seeks to deepen the question of identity by recovering, transforming, assembling and disassembling materials related to the human being.

Her interests in perception and the artistic process led her to collaborate actively on research projects with neuroscientists in the United States, Germany and Switzerland. In addition, she gave a lecture in 2015 with the Head of Neurology at HUG and UNIL professors in Neuroscience. In 2016, she is invited to give a lecture at a Study Day organized by the Swiss Institute for the Study of Art (SIK-ISEA) at the Pully Museum. Prior to APERTI 2017, she also led a conference at the Palais de Rumine in Lausanne on the subjectivity of perception. She presented the notion of artist-researcher at a conference at the HEP Lausanne and made a participatory performance at the CdAC on the theme of Finished / Unfinished, reflection on the notion of finished and unfinished work as well as the role of the public on the artistic process. A new series of conferences is planned for late 2018 in Germany and the United States.

Born in Switzerland, she moved to New York as a teenager. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing and International Relations from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, she started a publishing house with a friend in New York. Back in Switzerland, she obtained a postgraduate degree in visual arts from Visual Art School Basel in 2009.

Since then, her work is presented in more than 50 exhibitions in galleries and art fairs in Europe, Switzerland and USA. Her works are in public and private collections in the USA, Europe and Switzerland. She is a member of the APERTI committee.