La vibration du trait

Sunday 4th november


On reservation. 45.- per person.

Workshop with Cedric Bregnard, photographer and Aline Gesseney, artistic expression coach.

Everyone has a creative part in him. We invite you to express it through a performance where you will bring back an image with Indian ink. On the spot, you will be accompanied to find your own gesture. Some keys to gain presence and spontaneity (letting go) will be addressed. Everyone is welcome, no special experience is required.

After a musical training and in parallel with many professional experiences in the field of arts and the scene, as well as a passionate research around the human, its expressive functioning and its neuro-emotional coordination, Aline Gesseney put in place a workshop of expression devoted, at the very beginning, to the singers of varieties.

In the powerful cultural conditioning of ours, creative and expressive freedom is sometimes severely hampered. By adapting ourselves to external demand, to established social behavior, we easily lose the path of a certain spontaneity (freedom), interiority, own presence. This is why the workshop has met a strong demand in sectors wider than the song and since then Aline Gesseney has developed her subject so as to answer the expressive needs of the different inviting sectors, in the form of group workshops or individual courses.